At home or on the site.

We can help with many earthworks and excavations including:

Complete installation of Septic Systems with diversion mound

Installing Septic Trenches with gravel and domes

Changeover of house Septic to Councils Sewer mains

Installing Poly Septic Tanks

Decommissioning of old Septic Tanks

New House under slab

Water tank installations

Storm Water repairs and renewals

Tank Pad preps



Electrical / Phone Trenches

Animal Burials

Irrigation Trenches

Tight Access jobs

Installing new Septic Tank Installing new Septic Tank
Installing pipes and gravel Installing pipes and gravel
Finished trench with diversion mound Finished trench with diversion mound

Excavation Site

To comply with the laws and regulations of the Work Place, Health and Safety Act and the requirements of our insurance, we are obligated to contact Dial Before You Dig. This is to locate any asset services before the excavation work is to begin on site.

This is a free service from D.B.Y.D and requires approximately two (2) working days for plans to be emailed to us and we are happy to do this in the given time.

In the event of an emergency, we can request the plans sooner.

Footings and drainage Footings and drainage
Occupational Health and Safety
Safe Work Method Statements
DirtPak Insurance
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